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The University of Limpopo (South Africa)

University of Limpopo LBCIN

Different components of climate resilience building and governance in the Limpopo Basin are covered by different departments at the University of Limpopo. These include Geography, Agriculture, Rural Development, Environmental Law, and Water and Sanitation. A SARChI Chair on Ecosystem Health conducts research on resilience and a Risk and a Vulnerability Science Centre deals with climate change resilience issues. The Rural Development Innovation Hub is tasked with curriculum innovation and partnership development. A problem-based Masters Degree in Water and Sanitation, and an Indigenous Knowledge BSc programme are currently in development, along with short courses that will address climate resilient development demands.


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Stories of Change, The Univesity of Limpopo|

The staff and students at the University of Limpopo have started to respond to climate change risk. The Faculty of Science and Agriculture are collaborating across disciplinary boundaries with the Faculties of Management and Law, Humanities, Medical Sciences to consider how to integrate climate change concerns into their various curricula, and how to strengthen cooperation across Faculties.

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