The staff and students at the University of Limpopo have started to respond to climate change risk. The Faculty of Science and Agriculture are collaborating across disciplinary boundaries with the Faculties of Management and Law, Humanities, Medical Sciences to consider how to integrate climate change concerns into their various curricula, and how to strengthen cooperation across Faculties. The University have also established a Centre for Vulnerability Assessment, and they have a SARChI Chair that is leading research dealing with climate change issues. The University have also developed an innovative new programme focussing on indigenous knowledge systems, with some of the modules relating to climate change responses. Additionally, in partnership with the Department of Water and Sanitation the university have developed a programme on Water and Sanitation using a problem-based curriculum approach, which seeks to address practical issues on the ground. Additionally, the university are undertaking research on irrigation systems in the Limpopo Basin in partnership with Water Research Commission.